Congregational Care Tribe

Ministries that support congregational needs, focus on member care contact and retention
Tribe Leader: Dea. Steven Wilkins

Family Tribe

Ministering to the various family demographics, that make up the church family
Tribe Leader: Min. Leslie Wallace
  • Golden Group Ministry
  • Health & Wellness Ministry
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Real Men Ministry
  • Single Parents Ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Women of Virtue Ministry
  • Young Adults Ministry

Leadership Tribe

Designed to disciple, develop and deploy leaders through the church and into the community
Tribe Leader: Elder Felicia Speed

Marketplace Tribe

Designed to equip people to thrive in the marketplace and to engage in social impact
Tribe Leader: Sis. Karen Dakers
  • Brook Business Group Ministry
  • Career Planning Ministry
  • Economic Improvement Ministry
  • Social Justice Ministry

Missions Tribe

Designed to serve the needs of the community through evangelistic or outreach ministries
Tribe Leader: Elder Hubert Jones

Worship Tribe

Designed to carry out worship services, Sunday morning ministry, plan for special holiday observances and special worship services
Tribe Leader: Elder Jo Anne Smith
  • Altar Ministry
  • BrookStore
  • First Time Visitors Ministry
  • Greeters Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Life Institute
  • Media Team
  • Music Ministry
  • Usher Ministry

Youth Tribe

Relevant ministries specifically designed to disciple students from preschool through college in an environment and atmosphere where they can grow mentally, physically, relationally and spiritually.
Tribe Leader: Min. Michael Bond