Congregational Care Tribe

Designed to support congregational needs and focus on member care, contact & retention.

Tribe Leader: Dea. Agie Green - | Dea. Sheldon Herd -

Family Tribe

Designed to holistically minister to the various family demographics that make up the church family.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Tanya Donald - | Sis. Lovette Sims -

  • Golden Group
    To engage our mature members through socializing and to foster relation-ships through spiritual activities
  • Health & Wellness
    To IMPACT family lifestyles through education, healthy living opportuni-ties and a variety of experiences that promote wholeness for the spirit, mind and body
  • Married Couples
    Encourages married couples to fully embrace God making him the center-piece of the marriage. Focus is to have a marriage God's way; offers pre-marital counseling.
  • Real Men
    Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the direction of the Word of God, we will strive to become and to reproduce true, uncompromising men of God.
  • Single Parents
    Provide support, encouragement and empowerment to the single parents and their families
  • Women of Virtue
    The purpose of the Women of Virtue is to offer fellowship, assistance and teaching that will help to build women spiritually, mentally and physically. Through the women’s Godly example, they will instill guidance that will help other women and young girls become the virtuous women God has intended them to be.
  • Young Adults
    Cultivating environment where young adults grows individually and holisti-cally.

Leadership Tribe

Designed to Disciple, Develop & Deploy Leaders thought the church and into the community.

Tribe Leader: Elder Felicia Speed - | Sis. Ava Smith -

Marketplace Tribe

Designed to equip people to thrive in the marketplace and to engage in social impact.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Shirley Scott - | Sis. Mae Black -

  • Brook Business Group (Professional Networking)
    This group equips entrepreneurs and business owners and encourage eco-nomic support.
  • Career Planning
    To assist participate in preparing for the career they are best suited for.
  • Economic Improvement
    To equip and empower through credit restoration, will & estate preparation, retirement planning, life insurance, home ownership, financial literacy
  • Employment Services
    To provide contacts and connections that could lead to employment.
  • Social Justice (Voter Registration)
    To equip and empower the community with social, political and biblical knowledge that will provoke and demand change; therefore, transforming socioeconomic statuses, families, and communities

Missions Tribe

Designed to serve the needs of the community through evangelistic or outreach ministries.

Tribe Leader: Sis. Cynthia Richardson - | Bro. Karl Wallace -