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First Lady Charla Johnson

A native of Merced, California, First Lady Charla L. Johnson is the devoted wife of Senior Pastor, Curtis L. Johnson. Together, they partner in ministry at the Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church in Pelzer, SC. Lady Johnson serves as marriage and self-help counselor.

Lady Johnson is a visionary in her own right. Through her commitment to the Kingdom of God, she has established and founded the Women of Virtue Ministry, Daughters of Virtue Ministry, Women In Pursuit Discipleship group, the Ministers Source of Strength & served as the Music & Arts Director.

First Lady Johnson is uniquely anointed to minister to the needs of hurting women so that they will become the virtuous women that God has created them to be. Further pursuit of the passion to minister to women had caused First Lady to mentor a group of young ladies 17-26 years of age. By her leadership and Godly example, many women have now recognized who they are in Christ and have positioned themselves for greatness in the Kingdom.

With a captivating voice, Lady Johnson enjoys ministering to the Lord through song. Gifted as an exhorter and worshipper, She lures her audience into the presence of God. Moreover, she developed the SpiritFest Legend, Gospel music's answer to the American Idol concept, where the SpiritFest Legend receives a cash prize to launch their gospel music career. In addition to her many talents, God has birthed an exceptional gift of expressive writings. These poetic writings not only tell a story of truth but also of triumph. Lady Johnson is working on her first literary project; a book entitled, "My Heart...Simply Written Simply Shared" which is a collection of Letters, Poetry and Writings. Undoubtedly, each of her works challenge, encourage and inspire.

In 2008 she was inspired to to educate her community on Global Warming and simple ways to fight the effects of it. This year she is re-launching her non-profit organization S.A.G.E. Simple Adjustments for a Greener Environment. Through environmental stewardship her message is '...not that everyone do everything but that somebody do something.'

Just as Lady Johnson believes we should all be stewards over the earth, she is a faithful steward with what God has placed in her hands. She has been employed with Michelin North America for two years. Presently, she is pursuing her license in Property Management.

She was educated in the school systems of Lakenheath Air Force Base in Lakenheath, England. And a student of The International Academy of Design & Technology. She is the daughter of the late Elder Sam Jones & Mother Donna Jones. Pastor and Lady Johnson are the proud parents of Isaiah and Joshua.

A woman of destiny, a woman of strength, a woman of integrity, a woman of vision, she is First Lady Charla L. Johnson.