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Men's Ministry


The mission for the Valley Brook Men's Ministry is to equip our men with the word of God, life coping skills and character development to empower them to become the most outstanding man of God that God is calling him to be. We equip men to become a man of God first for himself. Once he is empowered then he can be the man God would have him to be for his family and household. Our mission is for him to build positive relationships that will equip him to become a holistic man of God and an outstanding leader in our community. Lastly our men will be economically stable, a giver and a tither. Our men will be equipped to become financially savvy and creating multiple streams of income to be able to sustain himself and his household for future growth. Our mission is for him to be a leader for himself, his family, his work and his community.

Ministry Contacts:

Ministry NameNameContact Info
DirectorDea. Eric White469-223-6526
AdministratorMin. Douglas
AdvisorsBro. George Smith
Dea. Everett Fowler

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