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Flock Leadership


The Flock Leadership Ministry of the church exists to provide ministry to each member and family - seeking to assure and maintain a close-knit fellowship among a growing church family. The ministry will make the ministry more accessible to the membership and assist in integrating members into the life of the church.


  • To make personal contact and establish relationships with each member of the church and their families
  • To provide individual contact and oversight for members through checking attendance, phone calls, home visitations as necessary or requested
  • To connect members that need special attention with the ministries that address those need (i.e. sicknesses, hospital visitations, home prayer/visitations)
  • To celebrate, sympathize or inform the flocks/church of member birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotion or other personal developments

Flock 1~ A-F

Dea. James Daniels 864.313.8594
Dea. Everett Fowler 864.884.5083

Flock 2 ~ G - L

Dea. Agie Green 864.325.0115
Dea. Sheldon Herd 864.483.0021
Dea. William Johnson 864.313.0467
Elder Hubert Jones 864.593.0717

Flock 3 ~ M-R

Dea. Gary Massey 864.360.3969
Dea. Tim O'Berry 864.608.2327
Elder Felicia Speed 864.386.5156

Flock 4 ~ S - Z

Dea. Eric White 469.223.6525
Dea. Steven Wilkins 864.201.3777
Elder Jo Anne Smith 864.360.2531