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To assist the Pastor & senior leadership of the church by serving as co-laborers with the Pastor for the temporal care of the church family, including home and hospital visitation for the sick, bereavement care and administration of the church ordinances of Baptism & Communion.

Ministry Contacts:

Ministry NameNameContact Info
DirectorDea. Agie Green(864) 299-0997
Deacons Dea. James Daniels
Dea. Everett Fowler
Dea. Sheldon Herd
Dea. William Johnson
Dea. Gary Massey
Dea. Tim O'Berry
Dea. Steven Wilkins
(864) 313-8594
(864) 884-5082
(864) 483-0021
(864) 313-0467
(864) 360-3969
(864) 608-2327
(864) 201-3777

Our Ministries:

Flock Ministry
Mission Statement
The Flock Ministry of the church exists to provide ministry to each member and family- seeking to assure and maintain a close-knit fellowship among a growing church family. The Flock will make the ministry more accessible to the membership, and assist in integrating members into the life of the church.


  • To make personal contact and establish relationships with each member of the church and their families
  • To provide individual contact and oversight for members through checking attendance, phone calls, home visitations as necessary or requested
  • To connect members that need special attention with the ministries that address those needs, i.e. sicknesses, hospital visitations, home prayer/visitations
  • To celebrate, sympathize, or inform the church of member birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, or other personal developments
Download the Flock Ministry Job Descriptions

Junior Deacon Ministry
The Junior Deacon Ministry will focus on young men that show a Christ-like character, who will be suggested by a Deacon and then monitored and evaluated before being accepted as a candidate of the Junior Deacon Ministry. The Junior Deacon Ministry will guide the candidates in learning the roles and responsibilities of a Deacon, while following the guidelines of Valley brook Outreach Baptist Church.

I. Attendance (The candidates are expected to attend at least 1 of the following weekly)

  • Sunday School
  • Bible Study

II. Age - Candidates must be between the ages of 16-24

III. Character
  • School
      Maintain good grades
      Maintain good behavior with no disciplinary problems
  • Church - Active in Church
  • Home   Respects Parents
      No disciplinary problems

IV. Tithes - Candidates must pay weekly Tithes from allowance or job

V. Duties

  • Communion
  • Attend Meetings
  • Baptism
  • Flock Ministry
  • Home Visit
  • Collect Offering

Deacons Events


Every 5th Sunday at 9:00am
Location: Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church

Baptisms are held each 5th Sunday at 9:00am