Welcome to Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church

If this is your first time visiting this site, we are very thankful that out of all the websites there are on the net that you could have visited, you stopped in to see us. Our prayer for you today is that the Lord will lift you, encourage you, and draw you closer into Him by your visit here with us. Please leave us a note to let us know if the site was a blessing to you. The Kingdom HAS Come!!! The Valley Brook Outreach Baptist Church is a church committed to expanding the
Kingdom of God in its fullness all over the Earth. This mission is
accomplished through the proclamation and the manifestation of the
Person and power of Jesus Christ operating in and through every believer
in Christ, and through partnering with other ministries around the earth
that have that same mission. Now is the time for you to experience
change in your life; your spirit, your soul, your family, your
career, and your finances. Thirsty? Meet us at the Brook!!

Worship With Us

Life Institute 9:00am
Worship 10:00am

Life Institute 12:00noon & 7:00pm
There are currently no events posted.